The Christmas ASS ~ Dec 20, 2014 ~ Card Shark

With Christmas round the corner, ASS needed to chill out,
He called up some friends, they’d relax him no doubt!
ASS hoped in the car and headed down the 401,
Picking up Barbie and her friends, this was going to be fun!


What shall they play? Something that wouldn‘t be lame,
ASS talked the girls, into a friendly card game!
ASS dealt up the cards, and handed out the chips,
If the girls lost their hands then they’d have to strip!


With an ace up his sleeve, and a few cards to spare,
Strip poker didn’t worry him, as he was already bare!
But the girls should be concerned about the ASS’s bite and bark,
For what they didn’t know was ASS was a real card shark!


ASS won the first hand, the girls started to stress,
And Barbie’s friend Sally was the first to lose her dress!
The ASS was in heaven, this idea was quite cleaver,
This was turning out to be ASS’s best night ever!




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