The Christmas Ass ~ Dec 14, 2014 ~ Kids

DSC_0149Oh crap the kids found him, the ASS was exposed,
The ASS had to play possum, or else he be hosed!
He found himself in the middle of a tug o war game,
Pulled back and forth, it was getting quite lame!

The ASS thought to himself, how’d that stupid Elf do this each day,IMG_1953
Just sit on the shelf and watch children play!
Those kids were crazy and kept the ASS on his toes,
Sometimes he thought this job he has blows!

He reached to out to Santa for a word of advice,
ASS was told to have patience it would be worth the price!IMG_1956
So he let the kids play until they put him down,
Then ASS drown his sorrows in a bottle of Crown!









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