The Christmas Ass ~ Dec 13, 2014 ~ Trip

IMG_1829The ASS was getting antsy of always staying home,
He was a gypsy at heart and had a need to roam!
The ASS wanted a break to feel free and to play,
But had to make it back before kids woke next day!


So he’d make it fast, just a hop, jump and skip,
The ASS called the Navy and jumped aboard ship!
He stepped out on the bow, wind in hair and arms spread,
Oh my goodness, look out, iceberg – dead ahead!


ASS had to get back as quick as he could,
So he called to the Army down at Fort Wood!
He explained the situation and he was quite frank,
So the Soldiers gave him a ride on their tank!


He was have so much fun, the trip was not in vain,
But time was getting short so he hopped upon a plane!
ASS made it home and through the door he crept,
His gypsy adventure happened while his family slept!











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