The Christmas ASS ~ Dec 9, 2014 ~ Crime Spree

IMG_1804The ASS heard a rumor, a “Grinch” was in town,
Someone who’d try to stop Christmas from coming around!
The Grinch drove an old truck it was heard to be said,
So the ASS came up with a scheme in his little ASS head!

The ASS spied that old truck while out watching guard,IMG_1796
It was just sitting there out in the yard!
So he low crawled in slow, through the dirt and the grass,
And he slashed all the tires and siphoned the gas!

To the ASS’s surprise, humiliation and shame,
It wasn’t the right truck, he had no one to blame!
To pay for his crime they tossed his ASS in jail,
He’d have to call Rudolph to shell out the bail!




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