The Christmas Ass ~ Dec 8, 2014 ~ The Spy

Spying on the kids had become quite the chore,DSC_0049
But one thing ASS knew, it wasn’t a bore!
The ASS had to decide, were they bad or they good,
Were they doing what good little children should!

Makenzye was cheerful, a cute little lassie,
But sometimes the ASS saw her be a bit sassy!
Christopher was joyful, and he love to play,
But had to learn to eat more than just PB & J!

He watched all their antics, from his secret spot,
The ASS had to be quiet as not to get caught!
He wrote his report, recorded each pout,
The ASS’s goal was to be Santa’s best scout!

DSC_0035 DSC_0039 DSC_0030


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