The Christmas Ass ~ Dec 4, 2014 ~ 1st Party of the Season

The first party of the season was held at the square, Ass 5a
And the ASS just knew he had to be there!
A little sip of wine, a shot and some beers,
The ASS celebrated along side with his peers!


Don’t be hoodwinked – those girls were bad news,
They hopped him up on candy and booze!
The ASS was out of control, at his first binge,
The things that he did would make Santa Claus cringe!


From the corner of his eye, the ASS saw a cute Moose,
And under the influence he started to seduce!Ass 5b
After they both had their fun, the ASS still had his pride,
The least he could do was pay for his ride!






Ass 5cAss 5d




Ass 5e


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