Tater Tots, Frogs and Water Boarding Bobble Heads

Friendships start and are build on many foundations – the giggly girls I met on the first day of kindergarten (Rachel & Lisa), the boy I was sold together with during high school initiation (Terry – that’s a whole other story) or the moms I meet at the PTA.

I was a military spouse (did I mention that) therefore I learned to make friends fast as I knew we would not be one place to long. These friendships were built on a common ground, as a military spouse is a rare breed. Some of these people I never saw again after a military move, some our lives crossed years later. But it’s the deep friendships that we form throughout our lives that help us understand who we really are.

A few years back I met a group of ladies, while the circumstances of that meeting may have seemed to some to be a bit odd to some, in my world I took it in stride. Due to circumstances, that I can’t go into right now – to protect the innocent, a bobble head had been kidnapped and was currently being held and tortured by this group of ladies. (Ever watched a Bobble Head be waterboarded – it’s not a pretty site).

tatertotsI came across these scoundrels in the local bar & grill  (imagine that) and while I knew this rag tag group of rebels from work, that night I saw them as something more than passing acquaintances. It didn’t take me long to realize that we shared something incredibly special – a weird, warped sense of humor!  How can you not love a group of ladies holding a Bobble Head hostage in a fight to bring Tater Tots back into the dining facilities.  Hence “The Tots” were formed and I was lovely let into the fold. My group of friends, a cast of seven very different women, each with their own special characteristics and strengths, whose common ground is not that common –  but the women I know who would do anything for me.

The Tots have taught me that it is ok to lean on people, they’ve taught me your never too old to have fun and when you do stupid things you’ll never have to do alone (reference Hairy below).

Together we have celebrated milestones, overcome heartaches and challenges, lifted each other’s spirits, buried a mylar frog balloon (R.I.P. Hairy) and bring each other back down to reality (when needed).  The most important things I have learned from the Tots, is the value of acceptance for who I am and to see my attributes as reflected through their eyes.



2 thoughts on “Tater Tots, Frogs and Water Boarding Bobble Heads

    • Hope one day you can meet the Tot’s – an eclectic group of ladies that I am grateful to have in my life! Agree – if you can’t laugh at life you might as well pull the covers over your head and hibernate!

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